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Thread: Best Meal of the Year

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    Quote Originally Posted by Travs View Post

    Nice little town, lovely sea-front, and the estuaries around there are huge.

    Went in the Titanic Museum there which was very good for an hour. I thought even better than the one in Liverpool, and it contained some bits of furniture/etc from other ships from the White Star line which sailed at the same time.

    Cork itself was nice... lots of bars.... a funny kind of place, old typical irish terraced colourful houses, right next door to modern buildings. Although was the first time I've ever been to Ireland at all so it was all new to me (admittedly i was supposed to be out there working for two days but we wrapped it all up in an afternoon so had a bit of free time!)
    Of course, Belfast now has the biggest and best Titanic museum. I would have thought they might have been a bit embarrassed about building the Titanic, but they are really proud of it.

    I was also there on a working visit originally. As usual, it had got to the middle of July and my wife and I still hadn't arranged a Summer holiday. Then I got sent to a meeting in Belfast; my wife has been saying that she would like to go to Ireland (I've been many times before, but she has never been), so that settled where our holiday would be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Llani Boy View Post
    For the first time in a few years I came across some field mushrooms and gathered them. Cooked some bacon, then the mushrooms in the same pan and served them with boiled Maris Pipers and Runner Beans, from my allotment, a knob of butter and HP Sauce. Heavenly. Reminded me of my childhood when field mushrooms were plentiful at this time of year.
    Yes, a great year for mushrooms. just 12 days ago after flagging the Hodder Valley Show fell race route; as we retraced our steps back into Slaidburn there was a field full of mushrooms. I managed to fill the sack that had contained the flags without barely deviating from the route ..... mushrooms twice a day for almost a week.
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    I had a saturday evening meal in Dodds Cafe-Restuarant in Ambleside a couple of weeks back. It's nice place, nothing posh, but i did feel slightly out of place, as due to a packing error, the only long trousers i had for the wekend were a couple of pairs of Ron Hills, so i quickly dived in and got them under the table.

    As for the food, it was very good. I had a Cumbrian Pizza which was a basic pizza with additional fried egg, cumberland sausage, etc. There were various more exotic options, but with the LDMT the next day, and 14 miles under my belt that afternoon, i went for something simple and filling, and not likely to upset my stomach.

    Also had a side dish of some fantastic 'chips' which were more like thick potato wedges, These were some of the best i've tasted.

    Sunday night i went to one of the Thai restaurants in town as i fancied some duck. Food was very nice but nothing outstanding.

    In fact the first trip to the lakes for many years where i've had neither a chippy nor a pub meal!

    On saturday lunchtime i was talking walking/running with a girl behind the counter in one of the bakers, to find out she was heading out to represent England women at Mountain Running in Andorra! She may not have been too impressed at my dietary choice of a whacking great pasty, despite my claims to be some kind of reasonable fellrunner!

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