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    English Schools Fell

    Entries are now open at for the English Schools Fell Running Champs at Giggleswick School on 23 Sept. Entries can be made by schools and parents (if the school isn't making an entry). Each runner will receive a branded shoe bag this year rather than t shirt (it's easier to resource and administer and will be something different). Please ensure that the school name is accurately entered for the team competition.

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    To get you inspired for the 2018 English Schools Fell Running Champs on 23rd Sept, here are the 2017 photos of the event at Settle hills
    English Schools Fell champs prize giving…/AF1QipMOizAqjXjWi-YTbCNnb8DYxhb…

    Year 8-9 race - finish line…/AF1QipP5b4vBeoqf2woHHEYcZ6Mm7FW…
    Year 7 race - finish line…/AF1QipP1UA99WNhqweLeV5-Kftcph15…
    Year 7 & Year 8-9…/AF1QipMe9avQeHF2Jv-ep4aRZ1uSunp…
    Year 10-11 & year 12-13 finish line…/AF1QipMmu-wEIAdy618hWP4Xs-xO2R9…

    Year 10-11 & Year 12-13…/AF1QipMKuuvSM7wJNRpEfLcw-FKW8dB…

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