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Thread: Running In Narrow Ruts

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    Running In Narrow Ruts

    Morning all, first post. I'm sure this has been covered before but couldn't see anything obvious using the search function.

    I've been road running regularly for a couple of years but would like to spend more time on the local hills and trails. My club regularly have group runs off road and I occasionally do them, we also have a cross-country league where the courses are very hilly. My technique lets me down though. I struggle uphill as I'm fairly heavy for mountain running at around 13 stone but I'm getting better descending helped by buying decent shoes. The one thing I really struggle with is running on the deep, narrow, rutted sections we get (especially on the more peat based surfaces). These are often on the flatter sections where I should be able to run faster but I just get in a tangle. Does anyone have tips or techniques for altering running style to make this easier?

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    Hi Pross and welcome..

    13 stone that's not heavy !!

    I try look a head and run either in the middle or even off to one side, I guess every track is different just look for the better line

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    Something else to add to Ian's comment. If you are in a group do not be too close to the person in front of you. You need to be looking well ahead to plan your route and identify the line you are going to take. If there is somebody two metres in front of you you can't do that.

    A lot of it is confidence in you footwear and your ability to switch your brain off

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    Comfortable as they normally are, Altra shoes, because of their width, make running on narrow trails even harder.

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