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Thread: Gul 0.5mm neoprene socks

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    Gul 0.5mm neoprene socks

    Could these be the answer to cold feet? Use titanium to reflect heat.
    I have just done the Mamores VK, and spectated the ROS. Got cold wet feet, and cold feet donít work too well, lose feeling and natural cushioning.

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    I've used these for several winters:-


    For both running and cycling.

    Not the perfect answer but a sight better than v. pricey 'waterproof' socks & gloves that are definitely not waterproof.

    I guess those GULs will be technically superior; but at what price?

    Just answered my own question by googling:-

    £13.50 looks good value for the technical enhancement and 75% thinner material?

    Did not do much Pennine 'deep' bog trotting last winter but at last year's 3 Shires prize giving I did receive a spot prize of a pair of Inov8 thin nylon socks that performed incredibly well even in quite deep snow on Pen-y-Ghent and also on some very wet cycle rides.
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