message received back through FB and on their FB page now. I'm sure they won't mind me sharing here what is also(of course, duh) on the FRA online Race calendar:

**** UPDATE for the 2017 race , this Sunday 15th October, 11 am. **** Please Read !!

Those of you who've not been abroad for the last few months will know it's rained. A lot. Especially in Buxton.

This means two things.

1. The finish field for the race is too wet for parking. All runners must park at Buxton Community School, College Rd, Buxton SK17 9EA, where free parking will be provided for you: marshals / signs will direct you there on the day. It's about a 600 yd walk/run from the parking area to race registration: hence runners should arrive slightly earlier to allow for this. Please bring to the start hall everything you need to race (including your kit) and your post race stuff: we can store bags in the hall.

Please do not park anywhere else: this is to avoid inconveniencing local residents (whose goodwill we rely on) and hence putting the future running of the race at risk. Additionally, please car share as much as you can. Thanks for your understanding.

2. The course is VERY WET underfoot. We'd strongly advise wearing fell shoes: although a lot of the route is trails, many sections are likely to be very muddy and slippery.

A map is below: free copies will be available at the start (but it'd make life easier if you printed your own from the link below..). The route is PARTIALLY marked (thanks to Gill, Jo, and Barry!) with bright red arrows and red/white tape (unless someone's taken them down) but don't rely solely on these: the onus is on you to navigate the course, which is a defined route and not point to point !

You WILL have to carry full kit: waterproof coat, trousers, hat/buff, gloves, map, compass, whistle, emergency food (Mars Bar), and we WILL check. Water is provided at 2 locations, but please take any food you need for the race in addition to your emergency food.

Any questions please ask : Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday morning: have a good run.

Cheers Julian and Buxton Rotary.