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Thread: Bob Graham Route Choices

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    Re: Bob Graham Route Choices

    Hi all

    If anyone fancies pacing a leg or two of our BG attempt weekend after next, kicking off at 1am on Sunday morning (22nd), just drop me an email at We are on a 23:30 schedule but are a few pacers short ! Into the bargin is that you will get some of my mum's superb cakes at the road breaks...


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    This is an excellent thread, which I often go back to. I have a handful of route queries about which I have not made up my mind for a clockwise BGR and would be glad for your thoughts.

    (i) Ascent to Kirk Fell. Gully up Kirk Fell Crags or climb up old fence post? I have tended to do the latter (which is not always the easiest going) but have seen that some of the fastest rounds (in a different league to me!) choose the gully. I am happy with a scramble, which may make this a faster route, even if it exits further East?

    (ii) Scafell. Without climbing equipment, and given the state of Lord's Rake and/or the WWT, I usually go to the face of Broad Stand, down some of the scree then onto the grassy bank when it emerges. From here I pick a line diagonally upwards, which comes out about halfway between Foxes Tarn and the top of that path. I wonder if anyone has managed to take this traverse and gain even more height so as to come out nearer to or at the top (i.e. the col between Symonds Knott and the summit)? I have met a few dead ends before but wonder if there is an even better route to save height?

    (iii) Sergeant Man via Codale Head. As most folk seem to do these days, I take SM before High Raise. After climbing up Mere Beck, when the path / trod seems to disappear, I have in the past gone south (left), north (right) and over Codale Head (first thinking it was SM!) but I haven't managed to recce what works out fastest. Any thoughts welcome.



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    Hi there,
    Hope you do not mind an unsolicited message. My name is Gavin Sandford and I am a Charity Ambassador and I am the founder of an initiative ( ) that raises donations and awareness to aid those people that need help the most.
    I am a newbie in the amazing fell runners scene and love it!! I have taken the step to attempt to run the Bob Graham round this coming 10th/11th June. I am a bit overwhelmed by it but feel positive that I will give it a good effort and will succeed. I will break my back in trying.
    I am contacting you in the hope that you could help. I wish to network with people familiar and so on with the round,past, present and future so that I can volunteer and help them in their efforts and vice versa hopefully get badly needed help for mine.
    I have moved to the base of the Peak district and live now in a caravan on an airfield to enable me to get more time to focus and train for this and work more on my charity and as such I am fully committed to achieving a successful attempt.
    Would you please help!/ Any networking, referrals and introductions you could make etc would be amazing and I would be indebted.
    I would like to put a call of action and volunteer post but cant seem to work out how to put a new post out!!!

    I have a Bob Graham Round Face book group:

    Please share to any possible interested parties and so on

    I thank you for you time and energy in reading this and any help you give is appreciated.
    I am more than happy to take a call anytime to chew the fat on this, my mob no is: 07956115538
    Gavin Sandford

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    Hi Gavin, welcome to the forum

    As a self-confessed 'newbie' looking for advice, support, help etc it might not be a bad idea to give potential helpers an outline of your plan in terms of training, plus your previous experience in the hills eg climbing, orienteering, hill waking, scrambling whatever so they know what might be involved

    All the best!
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    The Strava Heat Map looks like it might be useful for seeing on a map where certain route choices go and which is most popular:

    It doesn't help with figuring out the best line for you personally though...

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    There is an existing BGR FaceBook group - best not to duplicate things

    Worth posting in appropriate threads BTW rather than the first one on the page then people can find things more easily. To start a new thread there's a link just above the forum name above the listing of existing threads.

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