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Thread: Today's Wildlife Encounter

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    Slow worm on a sun-warmed grassy footpath leading out of Martingale towards Gowk Hill, this afternoon. Just before I entered Martingale's blue-bell heaven. It's decades since I last had the pleasure of spotting one.

    To a Slow-worm (Anguis Fragilis) by AC Clarke

    You were doing your best to be twig
    bent at each end when I saw you.
    Something hard to define -

    the faint sheen of your skin, your smooth
    outline, your air of being damaged somehow,
    confirmed the link between us.

    I thought you dead until you slowly raised
    your glove-puppet head, just a slit of mouth to mark it,
    eyelids still shut

    as if you couldn't quite believe your luck
    in coming out of whatever it was alive.
    You did seem fragile then,

    half-formed. It hurt to look at you, as it does
    to look at an embryo doubling weak fists
    in a belljar, birthcord trailing -

    misplaced concern: you could live years
    seeking little beyond the next meal
    the next patch of sun

    not moved to inhabit any skin
    but the one you're at home in, not struggling
    to word yourself into shape.
    “My actions are my only true belongings.”

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    A flipping hornet the size of a fighter plane checking out the roof space of my shed, whilst I'm sat in it!
    Missus not too keen on them as they get in her moth trap overnight and kill the moths.

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