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Thread: Edale Skyline: RACE MAP

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    Edale Skyline: RACE MAP

    Dear all Skyliners...

    RACE MAPS are proud to announce the latest map in their fell series -the Don Morrison Edale Skyline.
    • Easy to read, using standard RACE MAPS symbols (as seen in the Lake District) -all the info you need.
    • Scale 1:30,000 -easy to handle A3 size
    • Valuable race information and route hints (for example -as discussed the small trod onto Brown Knoll.)
    • Saftey info and OS grid
    • Bagged and heat sealed in thick guage polythene map bag -ready to run and face the elements of the darkest peak.
    For more information and a pdf advert including a sample of the map, please email: racemaps(at)

    PS. Advert can now be seen on dpfr website:
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