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Thread: Today's new bike

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    A fixie that I finished assembling last weekend, mostly from bits that I'd had stashed in the loft; had to splash out on:- blasting & powder coating (45), headset, 1/8" chainring, chain & sprocket, bottom bracket (shorter axle for correct chain alignment), rear wheel, tyres & tubes and bar tape.
    Ridden it for 35 miles - it rides and handles beautifully.

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    Now has mudguards and gearing is up from 46x21 (59.1") to 46x20 (62.1") ..... a proper old skool, all year round training tool.
    I was a bit of an oddball until I was abducted by aliens; but I'm perfectly OK now!

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    Bike to work ordered today, a foray back to my youth and a lovely mountain bike.

    KTM Aera Comp, carbon frame, 2017 model. Lovely. Just got to wait for the voucher to come through to pick up.

    40th present to myself!

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