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  • steev8's Avatar
    12-05-2020, 01:20 PM
    steev8 started a thread Lockdown reading in General chat!
    What are folk reading in lockdown. I am ploughing through Jay Griffiths' 'Wild'. As an antidote to the tough pitch she is on - here are a few...
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  • Witton Park's Avatar
    02-05-2020, 09:32 AM
    One of my frustrations during lockdown has been my shower gel experience. I usually shower 7-10 days a week, depending on my level of activity so...
    19 replies | 430 view(s)
  • XRunner's Avatar
    19-05-2020, 01:31 PM
    I have too much time at present and have reactivated my account again. Does anybody rememebr me? Here is a picture showing fell runners when I was...
    15 replies | 457 view(s)
  • Oracle's Avatar
    01-05-2020, 02:01 PM
    Oracle started a thread Ex Corona and running? in Health
    Im curious about others experiences. It is now six weeks since I had corona, it went down into my lungs, with shortness of breath,dry coughing...
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  • JohnK's Avatar
    23-05-2020, 11:04 AM
    JohnK started a thread Is it possible in General chat!
    That Oracle is a re-incarnation of Danger mouse, after all there is uncanny resemblance in post delivery and attitude. Just a thought because...
    12 replies | 618 view(s)
  • Travs's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:32 AM
    What are peoples views on Wainwright? (in particular his books rather than the man himself) I for one am a great fan. I first got interested in...
    5 replies | 207 view(s)
  • Jez Hellewell's Avatar
    28-04-2020, 02:08 PM
    Been struggling with this for about a year now. Just wondered if anyone else has & how they treated it? I know you can get injections or the fluid...
    6 replies | 307 view(s)
  • luxinterior's Avatar
    28-04-2020, 01:10 PM
    So we will be getting a spaniel in a month and Im wondering a couple of things. Firstly at what age is it ok to take running, any tips for running...
    5 replies | 257 view(s)
  • matthew's Avatar
    01-05-2020, 08:11 AM
    Im bored and internet shopping. Id like a new mm bag for when we can go out to play. I currently have a down bag rated to 3degrees and weighing...
    3 replies | 453 view(s)
  • JohnK's Avatar
    15-05-2020, 09:28 PM
    If you can get up early enough tommorow and as long as the sun rises this could well be worth a punt :- See you there folks
    5 replies | 205 view(s)
  • Wheeze's Avatar
    24-05-2020, 10:34 PM
    Wheeze started a thread Lockdown Health in General chat!
    So. What has lockdown done for your health? To my great surprise I've lost 10lb in weight. Combined with a pretty good tan and a lockdown goatee I'm...
    4 replies | 162 view(s)
  • Stagger's Avatar
    04-05-2020, 09:39 AM
    Stagger started a thread May Day in General chat!
    Or not?
    4 replies | 219 view(s)
  • Rasher's Avatar
    14-05-2020, 10:52 AM
    Brand new pair of Mizuno Wave Harrier trail/fell shoes for sale - still with tags and box - never worn. These were one of the last pairs sold from...
    3 replies | 160 view(s)
  • JohnK's Avatar
    26-05-2020, 08:03 PM Alright then a mortar shell
    2 replies | 114 view(s)
  • HaZely's Avatar
    13-05-2020, 03:29 AM
    HaZely started a thread Fun little! Great hack brain game! in Other Races
    You need to play this game to see if your imagination is good. Millions of players around the world are waiting for you! Draw and guess! Bolllocks
    1 replies | 306 view(s)
  • Stagger's Avatar
    17-05-2020, 07:50 PM
    Due to amount of aluminium in my recycling bin, I think a home smelter would work well along with my compost bin.
    2 replies | 192 view(s)
  • JohnK's Avatar
    09-05-2020, 10:01 PM
    Better Known as Little Richard he inspired so many and his music will live on :- A gem from 50...
    1 replies | 131 view(s)
  • Hodge's Avatar
    02-05-2020, 11:47 AM
    Hodge started a thread Another ankle thread in Injuries
    Hi all, yet another sprained ankle thread to bore yourselves with. Following an inversion sprain of my left ankle, about a month ago I've now got...
    0 replies | 248 view(s)
  • anthonykay's Avatar
    24-05-2020, 09:43 PM
    anthonykay started a thread Diaphragm strain in Injuries
    Pain around the bottom of my right ribcage at the front, also at the back, and also in my right shoulder. I could breathe normally, but any attempt...
    0 replies | 61 view(s)
  • Graham Breeze's Avatar
    Today, 10:01 PM
    I was reading about a conversation between Jan Janssen and Walter Godefrot - once both great bike riders. Janssen was World Champion and won the...
    1 replies | 11 view(s)
  • Llani Boy's Avatar
    Today, 10:19 PM
    Llani Boy replied to a thread Coronavirus in General chat!
    On tonight's news they were explaining Scotland's procedure for easing the lock down. The three named outdoor activities that are now allowed are...
    972 replies | 37830 view(s)
  • Oracle's Avatar
    Today, 10:18 PM
    Interesting subject, so here is a theory: The winners stop running when they stop winning. The runners run on regardless. So on that basis, Joss...
    1 replies | 11 view(s)
  • Stagger's Avatar
    Today, 09:56 PM
    Stagger replied to a thread Coronavirus in General chat!
    Probably not. Like I explained before, anonymity is not a reason. Not testing me is not a reason And I fall into the ground with less than...
    972 replies | 37830 view(s)
  • Graham Breeze's Avatar
    Today, 09:14 PM
    Graham Breeze replied to a thread Coronavirus in General chat!
    Mike What is the source for that number which is, what, 4.5 million people? Graham
    972 replies | 37830 view(s)
  • gej's Avatar
    Today, 08:22 PM
    I suspect Anthony that my area is somewhat busier than yours, as the situation you describe is a regular occurrence for me, to the extent that my...
    772 replies | 31201 view(s)
  • Mike T's Avatar
    Today, 07:43 PM
    Mike T replied to a thread Coronavirus in General chat!
    Infected people are excluded from vaccine trials. They will want people who are at higher than average risk of catching it, to get meaningful results...
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  • Graham Breeze's Avatar
    Today, 07:09 PM
    Graham Breeze replied to a thread sacked in General chat!
    Indeed, when the Conservatives are certain to win again because of historical swings and forthcoming boundary changes. To understand Boris one...
    83 replies | 3791 view(s)
  • Oracle's Avatar
    Today, 06:41 PM
    Indeed. Some types of address are treated as suspicious, such as hotmail. Others like AOL have very low limit rates on how many can be mailed to...
    63 replies | 3748 view(s)
  • Stagger's Avatar
    Today, 06:27 PM
    Stagger replied to a thread sacked in General chat!
    Don't be so sure about the majority. There are millions of floating voters who change very quickly. No way will we get to 2024 for the next...
    83 replies | 3791 view(s)
  • anthonykay's Avatar
    Today, 06:18 PM
    Lots of walkers on the footpaths on today's run to the Outwoods. On two occasions I needed to slow to a walk for a few yards on a narrow section of...
    772 replies | 31201 view(s)
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