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  • Stagger's Avatar
    05-03-2020, 03:44 PM
    Stagger started a thread Coronavirus in General chat!
    Anyone doing anything different?
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  • Oracle's Avatar
    24-03-2020, 04:59 PM
    Did a few miles on a local trail. Amazed at how few were there! Less than yesterday. Saw two individuals out with dogs. Thats it. Not a runner...
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  • Stagger's Avatar
    19-03-2020, 07:59 PM
    Stagger started a thread Panic Buying in General chat!
    Confession time. Come on, you know who you are!
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  • brett's Avatar
    25-03-2020, 01:00 PM
    There has been a lot of speculation about what is allowed (or not) under the current Government regulations and there are no definitive answers....
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  • JohnK's Avatar
    24-03-2020, 01:55 PM
    How many appropriate titles can we find? I will start with :- Isolation... Joy Division
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  • Wheeze's Avatar
    09-03-2020, 02:49 PM
    Wheeze started a thread News in General chat!
    I despise the News. All they ever want to do is spread alarm, misery and gloom. When the Aussie Bush fires were burning, all we ever heard about was...
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  • Llani Boy's Avatar
    25-03-2020, 09:26 PM
    Apart from family matters and fell racing what are you most looking forward to doing When This Is Over? I can't wait to spend a full day wandering...
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  • Sasquatch's Avatar
    12-03-2020, 07:44 PM
    I guess we should start a thread for organisers regarding this. I'm the organiser of the Kinder Downfall scheduled for 26th April this year. I notice...
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  • matthew's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:44 AM
    I've been searching for a training plan to give myself some sort of order and strategy to my running. There seems to be an awful lot of running...
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  • MattPo's Avatar
    28-03-2020, 04:41 PM
    Well, this is supposed to be a forum about Fell Racing and we can't do it at the moment so I thought we could dream and rember the good times. I...
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  • Stagger's Avatar
    29-03-2020, 03:49 PM
    Stagger started a thread Derbyshire folks in General chat!
    Some are not covering themselves in glory. ...
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  • Lupi's Avatar
    03-03-2020, 04:40 PM
    Lupi started a thread Minimalist Training? in Training
    Apologies if this has been done already... I would like to get better at the harder AL races, but dodgy ankles, busy job, young family etc. means...
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  • ChevinbyTorchlight's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:29 AM
    So, the national press have today printed a story basically saying that runners at the Bunny Runs usually trample hundreds of toads to death, and...
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  • Wheeze's Avatar
    11-03-2020, 07:37 PM
    Fab interview with him by BBC Cumbria doing rounds on Fell Running FB page. What an athlete.
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  • Bob's Avatar
    24-03-2020, 09:35 AM
    Bob started a thread Site translation in Bob Graham
    I'm looking at "internationalising" the Club's website and translating it into various languages. It's something that I've considered for a while. ...
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  • britty's Avatar
    21-03-2020, 03:28 PM
    britty started a thread Kentmere horseshoe in Races
    Due to the covid 19 outbreak I have decided to change this years race date as I feel it is the only chance of holding this great race this year the...
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  • Stagger's Avatar
    17-03-2020, 04:08 PM
    Where are all these lot now. Old, white, middle class snowflakes.
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  • Travs's Avatar
    02-03-2020, 09:31 AM
    Anyone know anything about this old route in Northumbria/Cheviots...? From what I can gather, it appears to be a 100 mile horse-riding route which...
    2 replies | 241 view(s)
  • anthonykay's Avatar
    08-03-2020, 10:13 PM
    anthonykay started a thread Sleep injury in Injuries
    I expect many others have woken up in the morning with a numb foot or arm, having been sleeping in an awkward position. But today I woke up with a...
    1 replies | 328 view(s)
  • steev8's Avatar
    25-03-2020, 04:58 PM
    Can now reveal the design of the cover of my new book on Billy Bland; the (fantastic) Foreword author; and the six quotes from (some amazing) folk...
    2 replies | 114 view(s)
  • Bob's Avatar
    19-03-2020, 07:26 PM
    Folks, I've updated the front page of the Club's website with our current understanding of the situation and what we think is the best approach ...
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  • Stagger's Avatar
    04-03-2020, 09:15 PM
    Stagger started a thread Ilkley in General chat! Well, well well!
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  • JohnK's Avatar
    20-03-2020, 10:04 PM
    JohnK started a thread Cor an open Pub in General chat!
    Well this is probably one of the few pubs still open so have a virtual pint on me one and all CHEERS Stay safe all
    1 replies | 160 view(s)
  • leesiemaszko's Avatar
    10-03-2020, 10:25 PM
    leesiemaszko started a thread Yorkshire 3 Peaks in Recce
    I¬ím looking to recce the first half of the Yorkshire 3 peaks course this Sunday (15th) if anyone wants to join me? 😃
    0 replies | 287 view(s)
  • Oracle's Avatar
    17-03-2020, 08:36 AM
    Oracle started a thread Corona and ibuprofen in Health
    Another bad rap for ibuprofen. Reinforces MikeTs past views Recommends paracetamol ...
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  • Tindersticks's Avatar
    24-03-2020, 09:35 PM
    Alan Kirk Memorial Lad’s Leap Fell Race The race occurred just over a week ago. It feels far longer - akin to a nostalgic bygone era! Lad’s...
    0 replies | 157 view(s)
  • FellJunior's Avatar
    02-03-2020, 04:53 PM
    FellJunior started a thread RTM Grand Prix 2020 in Races
    Points tables after race 1 Windy Hill and race 2 Midgley Moor are available here. These races did not appear to have VN5 categories, e.g LV45....
    0 replies | 152 view(s)
  • cowolter's Avatar
    27-03-2020, 05:20 PM
    cowolter started a thread Hello in Beginners
    Glad to join the great community. I am a keen cyclist and started running on the road to supplememt my cycling training. I'm now up to running...
    0 replies | 90 view(s)
  • Witton Park's Avatar
    Today, 04:12 PM
    12 miles 4 hours, 1650ft Loop through Tockholes to Cartridge & back with Mrs WP again. Not the intended route but a couple of rights of way blocked...
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  • bigfella's Avatar
    Today, 04:00 PM
    You still have to avoid touching your face whilst wearing your gloves and remove them before touching anything back at home. I suppose there may be...
    152 replies | 3769 view(s)
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