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Thread: Pennine Way

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    Pennine Way.

    Hello everyone. Is the Pennine Way harder the traditional south to north or harder north to south. As next year i fancy running it over a few visits with my bro for training.
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    Re: Pennine Way.

    They say that obviously easier Edale to Kirk Yetholm because of the wind, which most people seem to follow. On my attempt I only met one couple going the opposite compared to about 10 people doing it as mentioned. I'd say having done 90% of the PW that it is horses for courses as they say. A read of "Far trails to Far Horizons" might help for information and inspiration. I got to the 200 mile mark south to north in 5 days and legs went, but unsupported. I will be planning another attempt so could help/ join you?
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    Pennine Way in 5 days

    I'm thinking of having an all-in-one-go tilt at the PW next April. I hope to do it inside 5 days, which for me is seriously ambitious (Mike Hartley's record is safe!). Has anyone here done a PW in one hit, other than as a walker (i did that eons ago) and if so, any tips, esp re areas to recce (much of the route is clear i know) and any logistical advice.

    As for training, well I've done the BGR in summer and winter and so know all about getting ready for big days out, but five days of 50 miles+??? Any ideas much appreciated - although i suspect the answer is in the space called, 'go out and do long days, you muppet'.

    Thanks ST
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    Re: Pennine Way in 5 days

    Pretty much answered your own question really, I found 40 ish a day enough on my own. Id get a few long days done in succession after one another. If anything is going to hurt its going to be your feet, as you'l probably know. I would seriously do a few big days in succession on your own. Where are you based Tony? could have a meet up for training/ the attempt as I plan to have another go.
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    running the penine way

    I am planning on running the penine way and would like some pointers from people who have done it

    1- I would like to go North - South as I would be heading home does this make a real difference compared to North toSouth
    2- what did you do about carrying stuff or was it just basics and book into B+Bs at night and get food
    3- Can you easily replenise food along the way
    4- Anyone a schedule I could look at
    5- Is the route nav fairly obvious


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    Re: running the penine way

    How many days are you planning for. Ive just walked it N - S with a camping pack in 8 days 9 hours, during that hot spell.
    I have also done it, S - N a few years ago which I found easier in the pouring rain.
    Replenishing food along the way is a matter of logistics. The only places are the villages you pass through, many of which were closed due the time of day that I went through. You can always get snacks from pubs and there are a few cafes, in other places such as, Hadrians Wall, Garrigill, Thwaite, Horton, Malham. The best idea would be to get a good guidebook and read through as all refreshment places are usually mentioned. I believe the Steadman Guide is particularly full of info.
    The majority of the route is clearly marked with the white acorn national trail emblem.

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    Re: running the penine way

    I walked and jogged it in mid-May during that cold unsettled spell just before it got warm :angry: It took me 10 days or 9 days 22 hours to be exact. I found it hard work as I was into a bitter head wind most of the way while underfoot was boggy if not swamp. I stayed in hostels and a couple of b&b's so was not carrying too big a load. I used The Trailblazer guide 3rd edition which appears to be the best in terms of planning info, accommodation,eating places etc. I used the 3 1:40000 Harvey maps for navigation but I needed to concentrate in a few places. I found the going quite tedious between the Cheviots and Alston otherwise really enjoyed it. I did it to celebrate 40 years since doing it s to n which was what got me into all this long distance stuff.
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    Someone having a go at a 58hr Pennine Way at the moment:

    Current record is 65hrs (I think). Good luck to him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hank View Post
    Someone having a go at a 58hr Pennine Way at the moment:

    Current record is 65hrs (I think). Good luck to him.
    pulled up at Middleton..good effort though

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