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Thread: Tonight's football thread

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    To be honest i'm not entirely sure on the legalities of our unique situation...

    I believe the arrangement is that we can go back to Coventry at any point, in the unlikely event a deal is struck with the current owners of the Ricoh Arena. So my belief is we use St Andrews in some kind of "pay as you play" rental agreement. I would imagine we are making some kind of token contributions to the upkeep and maintenance of St Andrews, but certainly not on the level of being owners of a stadium.

    Not saying that Covid doesn't affect us at all... but despite all of our shenanigans off the pitch, we actually appear to be one of the more stable clubs financially!

    I'm rather torn on the issue of Premier League clubs helping out the lower league clubs. Yes the Premier League itself could potentially provide a grant/donation... but if clubs themselves are instructed to give away money, then where does it stop in the future? It's a similar story with the politics/racism in football... BLM has been bought into the footballing spotlight, but what about the next political issue to come along... who is going to govern what is and what isn't acceptable at football?

    On the subject of a Premier League bail-out... more worrying to me is that fans of the big Premier League clubs appear to think it is of absolutely no consequence if half of the football pyramid goes to the wall... when in fact it will quite obviously be the death-knell for the entire game in this country.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Travs View Post
    but yes i wonder what the response will be when the World Cup is on, given that it's common knowledge that it was "bought" with bribery, and the well-publicised issues with immigrant (slave) workers involved in the construction of the stadiums.
    Given that beIN Sports have kinda "bought" the football governing bodies in this country by paying so much for TV rights and Qatar is licensing the rights for the world cup. I think money will talk, so I'm not that hopeful of hearing much about it in the TV coverage.
    Hopefully some of the good newspaper/radio journalists will cover the issues during the tournament though.

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    I see the new hand ball rule is a joke.

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    On top of today's crazy scores in England, SerieA appear to have gone one better...!

    Juventus vs Napoli.... Napoli have had a few players positive for Corona, and claim that local regulations mean they must all self-isolate in Naples.

    The Italian FA are suggesting that as they have 13 players fit and available, they had to fulfil their game in Turin tonight.

    So a farcical situation where Juventus travelled on their coach to the stadium, got changed as usual, waiting for a game to kick off.... While their opponents were still 500 miles away in Naples having not travelled.

    Expectation is that Juventus will be awarded a 3-0 win, Napoli punished in some way... With Napoli appealing against everything.

    On the pitch... Atalanta, having won their first two games 4-2 and 4-1, beat Cagliari 5-2 at lunchtime.

    Could be a great season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Travs View Post
    On top of today's crazy scores in England...
    Crazy indeed. If I'd've put a three way accumulator on those scores for West Ham, Spurs and Villa, I'd be able to buy a small country now. Unbelievable!

    I wonder if the games being played without crowds makes a difference. It might be easier to go into your shell without thousands of people shouting at you.
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