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Thread: Tonight's football thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Llani Boy View Post
    You still can't let it go.

    Just in case you had forgotten we are still geographically in Europe, and always will be, but now not run by the clowns!
    Haha I was with you there until I got to the “... but now not run by the clowns” bit
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fellbeast View Post
    Haha I was with you there until I got to the “... but now not run by the clowns” bit
    I agree, not even clowns could handle a vaccine procurement and roll out programme quite so badly.

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    I have never seen this country so united in a single cause. From the man with the whippet on the street corner to the man with the worst haircut in creation and even as far as unified cry of condemnation. Amazing. Shame more things could not be like this.
    I am Kuno....

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    I fell a tiny little bit back in love with football today.

    Well done Leicester City.
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    Leicester are supposedly big rivals of ours, and the one tiny thing we had over them is that we'd won the Cup before and they hadn't...

    Having said that, i was pleased when they won the league, was pleased last night, and will be pleased whenever any of the "big 6" get a bloody nose.

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    Ditto. Well done Leicester. I lived there for a few years as a student so have a mild affection for them. What a goal. And what a save by Schmeichel from Mount (I like Mount - he'll go far). Leicester rode their luck well and totally nullified Chelsea's preferred method of walking it through the middle of teams. A victory for the tactics of Brendan Rogers.

    The next two games are also big ones for Leicester. Chelsea then Spurs, with a place in next year's champion league at stake. Finally, some interest towards the top of the premier league.

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