Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had any advice or experience on returning to both road running and fell running after a lay off due to accessory navicular syndrome.

I totally ruptured two ligaments in my left ankle in August (CFL and ATFL) and at the time I did this I also set off accessory navicular syndrome. I was in an aircast boot for 6 weeks and unable to walk or stand without pain until the middle of November. I now have awareness of my foot, but the pain is a lot less, and I am slowly returning to running. I'm only road running at the moment as I live too far away from any fells, and am worried about little twists and uneven ground messing up my ankle and/or foot.

In terms of the ligament ruptures I never had a swollen ankle and it really wasn't obvious I had a sprain until the MRI. All the pain I have had has been on the accessory navicular and in the arch of my foot.

I've been fitted with orthotics which I am using to run with and for walking. I go barefoot as much as possible when around the house though...and this gives me less pain than the orthotics do.

Has anyone come back into running with accessory navicular syndrome? Any advice on how to come back after ligament ruptures? How have you found orthotics, do you think they have helped or hindered you being able to keep running? I've not been given any physio, and can't afford to pay for it sadly. The MRI was done on the NHS and I got the diagnosis through the consultant, but that was it. Since then I've been self-treating, I even decided when to come out of the aircast as I had been discharged from any treatment by then.

Sorry for all the questions. Thanks for reading though!