Cheers IDP - thanks for coming out to meet us on our run over to Emlin from Back Tor, it was a pleasant surprise.

A Huge thanks to Gloss road support for water, food, and morale boost at Rod Moor, Yorkshire Bridge, Edale Cross and run-in from Harry Hut.

Schedule was clockwise starting and finishing at Royal Oak pub (foot of Snake climb) and including Sportsman (just for a water stop at the tap outside). We pretty much kept to the 14.5hr schedule except for a blip at the Sportsman where we dropped to the 15hr, but clawed half of this back by Yorkshire Bridge and the rest by Brown Knoll. Weather conditions on the day perfect which helped hugely. Finished in 14:27 Full write up to follow in time.

Anthony, Caity, Susy, Sikobe (Gloss).

PS. Track on Strava somewhere in 2 halfs (Caity + Susy)