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Thread: Woldsman 2010

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    Re: Woldsman 2010

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike D-H View Post
    My feet are just recovering from Saturdays outing - the 2013 Woldsman:


    Same day as the Calderdale this year, so I opted for the less hilly day out although the warm weather and hard ground made for messy feet at the end. 11.01 for me at the close ...
    Nice write up and photos. I did it too perfect weather for it albeit a bit windy. Never done it before despite being a local, but definitely doing it again. Took me to parts of the Wolds I've never been to, especially liked Wharram Percy. Great support from the marshalls, these LDWA events are cracking value.


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    Re: Woldsman 2010

    Yes, it was a grand day out.

    I liked your report and photos, Mike D-H.

    I ran with 3 friends, we stuck together all the way round and had a fab time. I have some lovely pics of marshalls and the food, I hope to run it again next year, with my friend who had to miss it due to being struck down with a chest infection after Lakeland 50 reccies over Easter.

    I had to dig deep after Wetwang though. Longest I have run before was 42 miles, so now I have done 50, hurray!

    Weather conditions were great, and many beautiful views.
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    Re: Woldsman 2010

    Received the Results in the weekend post ... Neil Ridsdale brought us home in 7.58 .... many congrats to that man. My 11.01 gave me a 22nd place and a solid result for me. I would think long and hard about shoe choice - next time it threatens to be so dry and hard for a full day. Am open to any suggestions - I went round in Mizuno Ascend and for long wet trails they have proved a good shoe for me; not grippy enough for hilly stuff really but perhaps a bit hard for solid paths for 50 miles. Anyone recommend the Hoka platforms?
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    Looking forward to next weekends Woldsman, never don 50 mile before so its into the unknown for me, steady away though.

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    It's a lovely route. There are some cracking hills in the second half though so you are right to set off steady. Let's hope it's not too hot.

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    Hope all went well for everybody out there on my local hills? Rain and wind threatened the day for first few hours, but pretty nice after that - neither too hot nor cold. Especially once turned so that the wind was behind us.

    Its lovely when sun comes out in the Wolds, especially great views to north-west over Millington dale and beyond to various branch dales and patchwork fields and big sky above and beyond after the steep climb from the village. EYLDWA hospitality punching above its weight as usual with a few really well provisioned indoor CP particularly Thixendale where I really appreciated that jacket spud with beans!

    Good day for me, more conservative first half than last year - especially with aforementioned wind and rain - gave me legs in the second half so no big mid-event slow down and kept a good pace up for 8.25 finish (ran along with NeilR and JimR who would usually be a fair bit ahead of me as first finishers, but I think taking it a bit easier with fellsman team entry in mind).

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