I am considering having a go at the Tranter Round this June.

The stats make it look a lot easier than the Bob Graham (36 miles + 20,500ft cf 65 miles + 27,000ft) but the ground is clearly a lot rougher. I was hoping that I could go at a significantly more relaxed pace than on a 24hr BG and still get round in 20 hours. If I went at a 24 hr BG pace how long would I take on the Tranter? (I am hoping the answer is about 16 or 17 hours which would give me plenty of leeway to go at a more relaxed pace and still get round in 20 hrs).

Which way round? I understand that Philip Tranter's traverse in 1964 was anticlockwise and set off from Achriabhach (2.5 miles up Glen Nevis from the youth hostel) but to me it seems more sense to get the big ascents of Ben Nevis and the Aonachs etc out of the way first. Has anyone tried the ascent up by the waterfalls above the end of the road or alternatively a more direct ascent from Achriabhach via Carn Dearg south? Are these ascent routes worth the saving of 1.5 miles as compared with starting at the youth hostel?