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Thread: Lakes Summit Snow Report

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    Re: Lakes Summit Snow Report

    Just been and done leg 1 & 2 back to back, & struggling to stay awake as I type this as I am so tired.
    Leg 1 - Virtually all clear with a couple of patches on top of skiddaw. Little bit on blen. Halls fell totally clear.

    Leg 2 - All clear untill the last climb up raise. Small patches after that until top of whiteside where the snow becomes unavoidable. From there on snow gets deepish 4-6 inch I guess. Snow then stops after Nethermost. Grisedale Tarn, Fairfield, Seat Sandal down to Dunmail all clear.

    The only other thing today was that the going underfoot was really soft. Probably due to frost lifting out of ground.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Lakes Summit Snow Report

    No ice on the top of Pillar now but lots of puddles
    Most of the snow has gone off Gable summit just the odd bit of ice hidden in among the rocks.

    Western hills are back to normal now, very wet

    No photos this time as cloud was down to 500ft and raining

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    Re: Lakes Summit Snow Report

    any snow up there yet? Meant to be reccying Ennerdale this weekend.

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    Re: Lakes Summit Snow Report

    Snow on the 3 peaks route too very slippy and slidy with the bruises to prove it All 3 summits with fresh snow although not deep - chuffing cold up there though. Not the lakes obviously but thought I'd add it just in case!

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    Re: Lakes Summit Snow Report

    Left Eskdale this morning. Plenty of snow fell on Wed, so we stayed below 350m. Hardknott Pass slippy for 2 x 4 cars early today, so opted for the pretty way back round via Ulpha, but good weather coming in from the west

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    Re: Lakes Summit Snow Report

    any one seen what the Howgills are like, Thinking there may be less snow and easier running to be

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    Re: Lakes Summit Snow Report

    A bit of a dusting on Ingleborough last night, so I would imagine that the Howgills would be similar.

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    Re: Lakes Summit Snow Report

    Lots of snow on Skiddaw, Great Calva and Blencathra. Really hard going because, although the surface was fairly firm, it wasn't enough to bear my/our weight so we were sinking in up to our knees for much of the way.

    The worst bits were descending off Skiddaw towards Great Calva - snow was simply too deep and soft to be able to run down. Climbing Great Calva wasn't good either - the heather was showing through the snow but didn't make it any easier to climb - either we sank into the deep snow or into the deep heather!

    However, crossing the Caldew was OK - our feet were so cold by then that the water didn't make much difference!

    Snow all the way up to the top of Blencathra, but then, strangely, parts of the path up from Foule Crag and along the summit plateau were clear of snow. In other parts there were deep drifts.

    Very poor visibility and all the snow caused us to abandon plans to descend Halls Fell Ridge and continue southwards, so we ran back to Keswick instead. No snow below the Blencathra visitors centre.

    We followed the studmarks of two other runners though, who apparently did go down Halls Fell Ridge. We met Denise & Dale (Moorlander) who'd come up that way too - with microspikes on.

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    Re: Lakes Summit Snow Report

    anyone know what its like round ennerdale ? Wanna do a recce.its a 2 and half hour drive and dont wade though big snow drifts

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