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Thread: Today's Training

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    Hi Travs I always carry one of these :-

    and for the couple of ounces it weighs I find it well worth while and have used it to get water from some pretty distasteful sources.

    Whilst I don't doubt your account of the adventure you had, I have to say I am puzzled as to how you were unable to find water as personally I would have used the horrendous storm you describe to harvest water from
    the run off from the Bivy to fill any containers I had to hand.

    Also I assume you missed the obvious way down from Thornthwaite Beacon to Hartsop as the path runs from Threshtwaite mouth past Threshtwaite Cove and Raven Crag into Pasture bottom and follows Pasture Beck all the way to Hartsop.

    Still the good thing is you made it and learned a lot

    My next outing with the tent will be taking in all the 20 Wainwrights on the western side of Patterdale starting with Arnison Crag and finishing with Great Mell Fell, not sure yet when I will be setting off
    The older I get the Faster I was

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    Understand your comments... I did manage to get a little water from off my bivvy bag, but nowhere near what I needed... and to be honest I was not in a great state, and just getting into the bivvy required most of my effort before passing out for a couple of hours...

    And yes I did miss the easy way down to Hartsop.... in the middle of the night, in pitch black, in a not entirely ideal state... was probably at the time not up to a trip of such magnitude. Live and learn...

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    Mostly Worcestershire
    Malvern Hills on the way home from Cardiff. Hollybush to Cotwall direct and then back taking in a rather circuitous route. 12km/600m

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