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Thread: Today's Training

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    A shorter run tonight in fading light (forgot the head torch!). 8km/400m.

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    A climb-heavy day today. Totted up the week so far and up to 25 miles/10,000ft so far. Easier day tomorrow. 2nd nephew arriving tomorrow so on family duties!

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    The week's training finishes a day early, due to racing tomorrow. Total of 47 miles and approx 14000ft.

    Fairly happy with that after a couple of bad weeks. Felt very good all week, a couple of great hill sessions. Nothing but a pb will put a smile on my face at Breidden Hills tomorrow though!

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    10.8 miles of mostly walking but some running today with Keighley Parkrun in the morning, and walk along the Leeds - Liverpool this afternoon calling in for coffee plus cafe at the Five Rises cafe. Talk of a walk in Stollyland tomorrow

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    Yesterday was first run for 3 1/2 weeks due to back problem before holiday. Did some walking on holiday, but just tried to look after back as didn't want to ruin hols.

    Back home and did 4 miles yesterday at 9 minute mile pace, so passable.

    Gentle jog/walk today in Billinge Woods. 6 miles/1000ft.

    All feels OK. So far, so good.
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