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Thread: Today's Training

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    Yes Travs but expected to be a little higher!

    Those of us who did the "short" 12mile Sheeptracks Race as opposed to the "long" 17 mile version seem to have had the rough end of the stick in the points calculations.

    The first three in the short, all M60 and within 3 mins of each other, I was third, have had around 1hr 40min added to our times in the round up. That is 100 minutes which I think is a bit harsh as my average race speed was 10.53 minute mile. The round up has suggested that those extra 5 miles would have been at an average of a 20 minute mile.

    This has put us down to 54th, 57th and 59th in the results thereby losing us points. I agree that I would have been a bit slower had I done the longer race, but not by that much!

    Anyway, it is what it is and it is my own fault for being a lightweight and opting for the "short".

    I do appreciate that it must be difficult for organisers to work it out to be fair to everyone so perhaps the options were a bad idea in the first place, especially when Championship points are at stake.

    The Corndon Classic is on my radar too so hopefully we will be able to say hello Travs, with a firm handshake. I don't do hugs
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    I'm back - not sure how long it will last
    Spent most of the last year doing 2 short midweek runs and walking at the weekend. The walks can be anything from 2 - 5 hours when we head off in our motorhome for the weekend.

    Today's was 3 1/4 miles around Witton at around 9:20 pace, which is about par. I've been lucky lately. I tend to run early, before 7:00am, and I've had some marvellous mornings.

    Planning my first race for a while next Thursday at Tockholes, just to finish, and just to run in a group which I miss to be honest.
    It's nice to run alone, but having that company and banter a race brings, catching up with old mates etc. is something I miss.

    Good to see the stalwarts keeping the thread going
    Richard Taylor
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    Llani i hope i haven't given out the impression on here that i go round hugging forumites when i see them at races!!

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    Within sight of Leicestershire's Beacon Hill
    Beacon Hill, Broombriggs and Windmill Hill. Used the horse track (rather than the footpath) coming down Broombriggs, since that's the way next Wednesday's race goes:
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    Tonight's RATRun was from The Cock and Pullet in Sheldon. Big black threatening clouds to the east as we set off west across fields towards, and into, Deep Dale and up the other side to Taddington. Across the A6 to Brushfield, via the delightful High Dale, and then steeply down to the River Wye at White Lodge. Back across the A6 and up to Sheldon through the woods up the very steep loose bank, which will be enjoyed by all who turn up for the Sheldon Fell Race in 3 weeks time.

    Just over 7 miles and 1,200 feet in 1hr 14 mins. As we arrived at the Cock and Pullet it started to rain and after a quick change, using a tree as an umbrella, once inside un-cheesy chips were washed down with Farmers Blonde 4% from The Bradfield Brewery.
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