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Thread: Today's Training

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    I had intended to do all three Welsh Champs (full/north/south) in 2020.

    got the Cardingmill Canter in (which isn't actually in Wales but we won't quibble), and that was it then due to covid!

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    Within sight of Leicestershire's Beacon Hill
    My first run for 27 days. Last time I was out running, I ground to halt after less than a mile, with pain in the groin. I have been getting intermittent twinges there since Ricky's Race in August (I blame Ricky), but this was worse. I completed my route with alternate walking and jogging, but when I got back I felt that I had lost my running mojo anyway. Fortunately I know that that is easy to cure: a few weeks away from running, and I will soon be desperate to get back to it!

    Anyway, today's run was on the shortest route I can do from home that includes going through the Outwoods between the two entrances on the east side, and took 29 minutes. After my legs had stopped claiming that they had no idea what this "running" lark was, I felt quite good, and managed to run the whole way up Molly Webb's Hill in the Outwoods.
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    Well, come and say hello - I'll be at the top of Whernside

    Never saw a thing this year...

    Quote Originally Posted by Travs View Post
    I intend to do it next year.

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    Had intended a rep session this morning, but due to having to go into work, ended up doing a shorter session.

    2 mile hard effort. Felt good. 5.5 miles in total.

    As to the New Balance Propeller Boeing Shoes... they are decent enough. Feel a little bit wide and "floppy" on the foot, but in fairness i'm still fiddling with the lacing, and i have been wearing the excellent slipper-like Nike Pegasus for a couple of years.

    Can't deny that they're very comfortable though.

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