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Thread: Today's Training

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    As promised, i dropped the miles towards the end of the week in order to be fresh today at Brampton-Carlisle.

    Ended up with 57 miles for the week. Funnily enough i didn't feel much benefit from the combined rest of an easy friday, and a full day off yesterday.

    Next weekend is the Lee Mill Relays which are always a great event. Hoping to get out for a steady club run on the Howgills from Tebay tomorrow night, and possibly a flatter midweek session.
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    A wonderful lunchtime 6 mile wander under cloudless skies on Bleaklow today which doubled up as a Trigger recce. Spent a few moments at the Superfortress crash site below Higher Shelf Stones which felt a little more poignant with it being Thanksgiving Day.

    Oh, if only they'd been flying 50 feet higher!

    Calf felt ok after the lunchtime walk so I partook of this weeks RATRun from The Church Inn, Chelmorton. Only 4 of us set off on a cold, clear evening up to Pillwell Lane, over the A6 and down to the River Wye at Blackwell Mill Cottages. Up the other side and great running over fields to Wormhill. Back down to the Wye, over Green Bridge and up over more runnable fields to Blackwell Hall. Along to Priestcliffe Ditch, up back across the A6 onto Sough Lane before a right turn took us across more fields and down to the Church Inn.

    Seven and a half miles, 1,427 feet in 1hr 18 min. Inside the "Church" and besides a roaring fire cheesy chips were washed down with excellent Waimea 4.3% from Stancill Brewery.

    If only every day could be this good.
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    I took a longer way home from Llanidloes this morning via New Radnor. I had planned a 12 mile run taking in 5 TP's but was feeling a bit ropey so settled for a walk/jog around just 3 of them, Bache Hill, Black Mixen and Great Rhos.

    Lovely unspoilt hills over 2,000 feet and didn't see a soul. Damp and misty, so good to get the compass out in anger. Generally firm underfoot but then there is no footfall to make it muddy!

    Ten and a half miles, 1,700 feet in a very steady 2hrs 10min.

    Just checked my Bridges Tables log and I was last here on a sunny 25th Oct 1982, nearly 40 years ago.

    Doesn't time fly!
    Visibility good except in Hill Fog

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