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Thread: Today's Training

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    Coventry Bees fallen by the wayside at the moment, I think due to a licensing issue with the Brandon Stadium.

    Enjoy watching the big European events, but as I don't follow it close enough to know all the stars, I prefer the national team events...

    One sport I'm really enjoying at the moment on TV is the cross country ski-ing... particularly the one where they do a lap and then shoot (biathlon?)....

    My nephew loves the ski-ing too.... especially when they fall over! Trying to teach him there's more to sport than football... Ski-ing, Snooker, Cricket, Bull-riding, Cross Country Running... he'll watch anything as long as there's a score/time/winner/loser... born competitor like his uncle...!!

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    I agree that the biathlon is great viewing. It fascinates me how the biathletes can get their heart rate/breathing under control so quickly in order to shoot so accurately.
    Visibility good except in Hill Fog

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    I managed my Friday run yesterday. It felt heard, perhaps due to hangover of cold and I'm still a little chesty today, but also perhaps because of only 2 1/2 hours sleep on election night.
    But 3 miles in 28 minutes to blow the cobwebs off and hopefully a very slow potter on Darwen Moor on Sunday which might be fresh and snowy
    Richard Taylor
    "William Tell could take an apple off your head. Taylor could take out a processed pea."
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    Up into the Cuillin from Sligachan Hotel. Along the tourist track up to Basteir Gorge return. About 10k and 500m. Started off cold and overcast. Turned into a blizzard above 200m
    Very cold when I got back to the car and enjoyed warming up in tbe Sligachan Hotel afterwards.
    Total of 55km and 2000m this week. Included a treadmill interval session 10x 3mins at 6min mile pace and a hill rep session 8x400m with 60m ascent per rep.
    After reading Fast after 50 am trying to change my training from just steady miles.

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