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Thread: Today's Training

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    Quote Originally Posted by Travs View Post
    Anthony i'm sure i saw some race in your area advertised around Halloween time...

    In fact, a quick check and it's called the Skeleton Run, round the Beacon Country Park. I was a little tempted, but then saw they were encouraging fancy dress etc, which put me off a little... then i saw the price (22 for a 5 mile race!!!) and that put me off completely...!

    There's also a night of 5km races scheduled for late October at Prestwold Hall. Looks well organised, with Open Races, 20+min races, 18-20min, 15-18, elite... am sorely tempted to enter, but at present the Black Mountains race is scheduled for the day before... which will go ahead if restrictions don't change for the worse.
    Yes, the Skeleton Run has been going for several years now. I've never done it, not just for the reasons you mention, but simply because I don't like running in the dark.
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    Fuelled by the traditional runners breakfast of a Mince Pie, embarked on another lonely track session.

    12km. My aim was to keep it as near as possible to 4mins/km, but i had doubts as to whether i could hold that pace after a good week of training. However it all felt good this morning, and finished the session in 47:32

    Finding these long track efforts to be very effective. They are tough mentally, as anyone who has raced distance on the track will no doubt testify. But they keep you honest throughout.

    Having said that, i think its important to try and keep mentally fresh and looking forward to training, and i don't think i can face the step up to 14km as soon as next week... i think i might go for a 5km "race effort" next weekend instead.

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    A solid but easy day brings the weekly total to 64 miles and 10,750ft. A very positive week with an encouraging rep session and a good hard tempo effort yesterday.

    Next week will probably see the miles drop a little, but hoping to get in the midweek club session then a 5km pb effort next weekend.

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    Hilly 5k over lunch. Coinciding with beautiful sunshine - low light picking out the autumnal colours.

    I felt lethargic - it must be last night's online yoga session taking its toll. Marichi poses - A,B,C and D. A and C were possible, B and D were utterly impossible.
    No longer "resting"

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