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Thread: Today's Training

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raymond Hickman View Post
    p.s. anyone want to contribute suggestions to my 1st Race thread over on the beginners forum would be very welcome. I've looked at Geoff's nomination - Edale Skyline - and I'm not sure if he's having a laugh or not?
    He's not having a laff...

    Looking at your running history I think Edale would make a great first race. If you can get round Beachy Head in sub 4, you are well capable of it.

    The route is fairly straight forward, especially up to the Mam Nick cut-off. You will love it!


    p.s. You might even spot a mountain hare if your're lucky

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    Senior Member detritus21's Avatar
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    I've managed a whole 2.5 miles to work this morning and will be doing a whole 3 miles tonight on the way home.

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    Leeds. Capital of Gods Own.
    After a very bad Christmas I just managed 4 mile this morning at 10min/mile pace. Chest was tight and I cleared some right muck out.
    Happy New Year to all on the forum.

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    Hi All,

    Training so far for 2007:

    Jan 1st - Hangover Hobble Fell Race, Llandegla.
    Jan 2nd - Clwydian Hills Fell race course plus a little bit.
    Jan 3rd - 3 miles around work after nights and I'm just off out for a 5.5 mile hilly road run.

    I'm in training for Edale Skyline, ran the first half a couple of weeks ago and made the Mam Nick 2:30 cut off comfortabley with out really trying, more worried about lasting out to 21 miles though.

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    Testing testin testing

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    Intervals tonight... Dom was just tooooo close for comfort on Sunday...

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    just an easy gym session tonight - 16 mins each on bike cross-trainer & treadmill - achilles seems fine tho (see 'todays injuries')

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    Crammed in about 3 hilly miles at dinner time.

    ROLL ON next week when I start my new job and work doesn't start until 11 - I will be able to run in the mornings (and I WILL NOT be laying in bed until 10:45 then running the 1/4 mile to my new work place... HONEST! )

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    Not a lot for me. Six mile steady. Left calf killing and felt sick. Off to bed to sul about it.

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    you don't wanna know
    Quote Originally Posted by Roadrunner View Post
    Not a lot for me. Six mile steady. Left calf killing and felt sick. Off to bed to sul about it.

    you injured? hope you are feeling better soon!

    rest today, coming back to runing steadily 5 days running this week mileage averaging 50 per week!

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