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Thread: Sore Achilles

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    Sore Achilles

    I've upped my training recently. I run 3-5 miles each morning and a long run/race at the weekend.
    Only problem is I get a slightly sore and stiff Achilles tendon the next day. In the morning for the first 15mis or so I have to hobble around. Running causes no pain and in fact seems to help. Cycling helps too.
    Is this normal?

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    Re: Sore Achilles

    Sounds like Achilles tendonitis. Google 'eccentric exercises' and do them 4 or 5 days per week. I've seen of this off in both legs with the excercises. There are several threads on here dealing with it too
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    Re: Sore Achilles

    Hi 01422Star

    there are a number of threads on here...I suffer from tendonitis/tendonosis of my left achilles (dont know t'difference but there ye go!)...I wear a McDavid tendon strap which helps lessen the vibration that leads to tendon-whatsit...and heel raises (with knees bent and then straight...15 reps per leg) really help

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    Hope this helps


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    Re: Sore Achilles

    Sounds like what I had, it goes with time.

    I just kept running through it.

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    Re: Sore Achilles

    Thanks for the replies, yeh noticed a lot of stuff about this in the 'injury' forum.

    Just keep on running I suppose...

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    Re: Sore Achilles

    It did get to the point where by pressing the clutch in my car was agony, but it was just one of those things, shrug it off and crack on.

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    Re: Sore Achilles

    I went down that line a few years ago when I first suffered, eventually went to physio and she said "carry on and you will rupture it". Treat the injury with more respect now and am paranoid about it as I never have had it 'get better' without rest. Age probably doesn't help. I would see a physio before serious damage.
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    Re: Sore Achilles

    I suffer from achilles problems too and my last foray into that had me out of running for a year because I just ignored it and kept running. I only stopped when I discovered lumps on it each morning. Don't just plough on through, regardless, as you may end up doing major damage. As others have said, the eccentric exercises on the stairs are the best thing. To aid with the stiffness in the morning <fnarr>, try writing the alphabet with each foot before getting out of bed.

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    Re: Sore Achilles

    Is it best to use a pen or a pencil?
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    Re: Sore Achilles


    Fountain pen, with copperplate handwriting...

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