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Thread: Pete Hartley

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    Pete Hartley

    I am very sad to report the passing today of Rossendale Harrier Pete Hartley. Whilst many members may know Pete for his fantastic Fellrunning photographs many of which have appeared on the cover of the Fellrunner magazine Pete was also a fantastic runner before a car accident not of his own making brought his running to an early halt.

    Peter was a lovely person and will be sadly missed by all of those who had the pleasure of knowing him. He never had a disparaging word to say about anyone and he was always cheerful and encouraging.

    His ' palmares ' is extensive notching up wins in events like the Fellsman Hike and High Peak marathon as well as multiple sub 1hr 40 runs at Ben Nevis and a 4th place in the 3 Peaks race. He soloed the Matterhorn the photos from that event I will forever remember.

    He was a particulary tough ' hard ' and determined runner but someone you would gladly share your runs with.

    I particulary remember a day in North Wales whereby on the Sunday the day after competing in the Welsh 1000 metre summits race a dozen or so of us from the club scrambled across Crob Goch in blazing sunshine to then drop into the Cwm below for a well deserved swim in the tarn. Days such as that in the mountains, shared with Pete will be forever remembered, even though it probably 30 years or more ago now.

    Our thoughts are with Denise( Park ) his partner and his family at this time. I'm sure that many, people will want to come along and pay their last respects, such was the effect that Pete has made on people throughout his life and when I know the arrangements I will let everyone know.

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    Very sad news. Pete gave me a lot of photography tips & encouragement a few years ago for which I am grateful. Was always good to bump into him and have a chat. His memory will live on in the fell running fraternity.

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    Pete always had encouraging words for Adam and I. OMM and Anniversary Waltz spring to mind as occasions, when he appeared out of nowhere with his warm smile and greeting. He will be missed as an outstanding photographer, but firstly as a true gentleman of the fells.
    Our thoughts are with Denise and his family. RIP
    Going downhill fast - until I fell over

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    A wonderful man.
    Can't say more.
    P. Morley, Rossendale HAC

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    Its a secret!
    RIP Pete. A GREAT​ man in the sport of fellrunning.
    Thoughts with his Family, Friends & Denise
    A quote,

    "The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall."

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    R.I.P. Pete Hartley

    RIP Pete Hartley
    by Andy Holden, on Flickr

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    RIP Peter Hartley

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    I didn't really know Pete Hartley, but he was very kind to me. He spent time looking out particularly photos and agreeing for their publication in 'It's a hill', even when he was obviously going through difficult times.

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    Very saddened. I'd admired Peter's photographs in the FRM for over 20 years when I first met him in person at the 2004 Kentmere champs race. I was on the ascent from Nan Bield, supporting our vets' team and Peter was stood nearby taking photographs. It was a very pleasant afternoon, exchanging anecdotes. Whenever we met after that, Peter's ready smile & cheery banter were always appreciated.
    R.I.P. Peter; condolences to Denise & the family.

    Ian Roberts, Bowland FR.
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    Very saddened to read this as I returned from school today. Pete is a lovely man and an awesome photographer. He even managed to make me look good in the races he photographed me in. Mainly in European mountain running championships we spent many an afternoon chatting away. Rest in peace Pete. Thoughts with Denise and their family.
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