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Thread: Dark Peak Derwent Devil

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    Had a go at this on Saturday, It is an area that I have very little knowledge of so I found a GPX trace on Google and headed off at 05:30 in a clockwise direction. I choose clockwise because the last bit I did know and so if I had to abandon at least I would have an idea of how to get back. It started off OK as far as Alport. But after that it stated to get very difficult. Just the wrong time of year for this challenge, the heather, bracken and even the grass was so thick,it made for very difficult progress. I got as far as Cogman Clough and headed straight to Lost Land so missed out Abbey Tip Plantation. I then stayed high to the final descent by the dam so also missed out Mill Brook outfall.

    Like I said I had no idea of the route so have not a clue if my GPX was any good or not. Almost definitely there were many better lines that I could have taken that would have made it easier. Interesting day out.

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    Ian DP - do you have the grid refs for the other tea plants up there -

    Ive got
    Hoar Clough - 13945 98450
    and Barrow - 13170 96640

    I had them written down and ive lost my list!!

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