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Thread: Anniversary waltz

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    Re: Anniversary waltz

    Quote Originally Posted by Al Fowler View Post
    We used the road that goes under barrow a couple of saturdays ago in a huge mini-bus to get to Causey Pike, all seemed ok.
    Thanks Al.

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    Re: Anniversary waltz

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve J B View Post
    One of the roads between Newlands and Braithwaite (the more easterly of the two i.e. the one under Swinside hill) was still closed due to damaged bridge (presumably at GR238230?) a couple of weeks ago , not sure if this applies to the one under Barrow too.

    Does anyone know if you can actually drive from Braithwaite to Newlands at the moment?!?
    Yes you can. I drove along that way last Friday.

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    Re: Anniversary waltz

    Quote Originally Posted by GeoffB View Post
    I'm sure it is spelt like that in Lancashire, Al, but the rest of us prefer 'hairpin'
    Hairpin I suppose is much more, proper.

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    Re: Anniversary waltz

    Hi all

    a last minute request there anyone from the north tyneisde area travelling to the anniversary waltz who would like to car share tomorrow morning? If so PM me pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase!
    and we run because we like it through the broad bright land

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