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Thread: Spring Thing

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    Spring Thing

    I get the same urge every get up real early and bang in a very long run from right outside the door. I've got a 19 mile circuit that circumnavigates the town linking all the hills that surround us. Lovely views of the Wye Valley and distant Beacons. Felt really trashed but was pleased to see I averaged 5 mph for the circuit.

    Anyone else get the urge for a Spring Thing?
    I am Kuno....

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    Re: Spring Thing

    Yeah, I tend to go out for a run on Hatterall Ridge late at night/very early morning at full moon in Spring
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    Re: Spring Thing

    Yep Wheeze, I've got the urge to run Vienna Woods Path no. 444. which is part of European Long Distance Path no.4. which I think starts in Spain and goes through Hungary and probably, these days, even beyond.

    I hope to do it all later in the year; just the 50kms Mödling-Grinzing section I mean.

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    Re: Spring Thing

    I've had this urge for a couple of years now to run home from work one sunny evening
    Runcorn to South Manchester
    by curious coincidence almost exactly a marathon distance
    I reckon I can combine the Mersey Valley Trail, the Bridgewater Canal and the Bollin Valley Way and it could actually be quite scenic
    maybe this year...
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    Re: Spring Thing

    Quote Originally Posted by Wheeze View Post
    Anyone else get the urge for a Spring Thing?
    Yes... but I'm not seeing her for a few days so have to keep my urges under control!!
    "You gotta put a little bit of ****ing fairy dust over the bastard"

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    Re: Spring Thing

    A late reply, Wheeze, but yes I do. Wake up at first light and think I could easily do 2 hours before breakfast. It's often the best part of the day. Must confess though that I then turn over and go back to sleep. Dreadful waste of daylight.

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