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Thread: groin strain - train thro?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SEFTON View Post
    go spend 30-40 quid on a physio. get it diagnosed, & a plan put together.

    most of all put your mind at rest & put you on the RIGHT path.

    good luck
    Thanks Sefton, I've just spent the money on a set of Nordic Walking Sticks !! great fun but you can't get your hands out of the straps when a mosquitoe bites you.

    The groin strain seems to be healing slowly but surely since I changed my brand of underwear believe it or not. A 70 year old pal, reckons we oldies do better to the wear the oldie Y-fronts with the longer inside leg or boxer shorts. And, since I switched from swimming trunk style underpants, I seem happily to be slowly but surely on the mend. When you think about it that elastic round your groin all day long can't be good for you. I'm gently rubbing in Voltaren once a day, which is by far the best of all the various remedies I've tried.

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    Re: groin strain - train thro?

    Runners generally do not suffer from groin strains, whenever they suffer damage to the muscles of the feet, knees, ankles and legs, but such damage can occur as a result difficult to calculate, or if the muscles of the pelvic floor weakened by excessive stress.

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    Hello there,

    Groin strains are often a hard problem for people to manage. We see them present in many different populations and occur with a wide range of activities. Strains are common in sports such as baseball, hockey and soccer where this is a huge demand on the groin. With the groin musculature being a collection of numerous muscles, it is involved in so many different movements – flexing the hip, extending the hip, bring the knee towards midline, internally rotate the hip, and externally rotate the hip.

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