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Thread: Snowdon/Peaks/Fell beginner

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    Talking Snowdon/Peaks/Fell beginner

    First off, many thanks for the advice I have already found whilst stalking on here and taking the time to read this

    My query is complex and apologise beforehand but you seem like a helpful bunch lol

    I am looking to do next years International Snowdon Race as I was not able to qualify this year and to be honest am more nervous about my application being accepted as opposed to actually completing the event. To qualify for the race I must complete at least one AM or AL race and this is where my questions come... I go straight in at that level/distance of race or do I work my way up, so to speak?
    ...what races would you nice peeps recommend that aren't too far from home? (evening races are pretty much ruled out because of work)

    A bit about myself...
    I live in south Lincolnshire (so not very close to the high stuff!)
    I have previous experience of hill walking (snowdon/dartmoor and even the Brecons in my younger years) and I'm comfortable with a map and a compass.
    I recently completed my first HM (an undulating trail race with 1500ft of ascent) in 1:45.
    I am doing the Snowdonia Marathon (yes, I do love hills lol) in October and hoping to complete it in 04:30 (although sub 4 one day would be nice!).
    I have recently started managing to get running in the Peaks once a month, twice if I can, and will happilly do 10+ miles at the moment with the intent to increase.
    When on the hills or doing longer runs I will wear my backpack containing the kit required by the FRA so I have become accustomed to carrying it to get that problem/dilemma out of the way already lol
    Road run most days and try and factor hills in as much as I can.

    Any pointers/advice/tips/constructive criticism happily received


    PS when does somebody who likes running in the hills actually become a 'fell runner' ?
    (feel a bit of a con when people call me it at the moment)

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    Re: Snowdon/Peaks/Fell beginne

    Looks like you've got the basics squared away. Find a couple of AM or AL races in the Peak District, start at about 8 miles and work up to about 14.

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    Re: Snowdon/Peaks/Fell beginne

    sounds like you'll be absolutely fine
    Peak District AM's are a bit thin on the ground atm, but how about:
    Ingleborough - Jul.17th
    Turnslack - Jul.24th
    Weasdale - Aug.21st
    Scramble the rock face through the glare of morning sun to run

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    Re: Snowdon/Peaks/Fell beginne

    Quote Originally Posted by runwithmysetter
    Any pointers... happily received
    Don't let your setter hear that!
    Quote Originally Posted by runwithmysetter
    PS when does somebody who likes running in the hills actually become a 'fell runner' ?
    (feel a bit of a con when people call me it at the moment)
    Been doing this, knees permitting, for a few years now and still feel a bit of a fraud!

    Sounds like fitness wise you could get round an AM/AL without worry. To make it more 'comfortable' I'd aim to get some ascent in. Not necessarily long runs either: I'm currently doing 6.5mi runs w/ 2,400ft of climb on my local hill, to get back my hill fitness following an injury. Just to get your calves and quads used to the pain, as well as practising the descents - an art form in itself (what goes up must come down...) .

    One of the other things I think ROs look for in asking for AL/AM experience is an indication that you can look after yourself on the hills, e.g. being able to navigate your way in clag, as such routes tend to be technical with CPs/Marshals/route markings few & far between. Also the fact that the field gets more spread out over the longer distances. Getting some nav practice in would also help.

    Welcome aboard.

    "The best shield is to accept the pain, then what can really destroy me?"

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