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Thread: The Ben Nevis Race

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    Iíve done a good few races, though certainly not all the classics. The Ben race is probably the best Iíve done (yes, it helps being fairly happy with my own run!) Big thanks to the organisers & all helpers, on & off the hill. As for Finlay Wildís win & Vic Wilkinsonís new record - incredible!

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    Have a look at the race website. I'm appalled, shocked and disappointed - I can't imagine anyone from the race going up there and physically cutting fences to get a better line but it appears that is what has happened. I sincerely hope another explanation is forthcoming. I can understand the obvious frustration and anger from the race committee evident from the tone of their update - thankyou to them for trying to resolve this and have the damage repaired.

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    Mark, good to catch up today, surprised that nobody else has posted on here, I wonder if SHR have got involved?
    A circular route mostly downhill

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