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Thread: Wainwright 7 summits

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    Within sight of Leicestershire's Beacon Hill
    Or from Skiddaw house you could just go over Great Calva and Blencathra on the way to Clough Head, and that's part of your BGR recce done.
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    I used the above route (DPB's) to Naddle Bridge but the river bridge below Brundholme was closed when I passed in the summer (but you could go via Threlkeld Bridge). I then followed the minor road to Wantwaite Bridge and followed the St John's Vale Road to Stanah. Then paths climbing to cross Helvellyn Gill to meet the main path up to Lower Man.
    Although using the road might seem to detract from a route like this I remember it being quite a pleasant relaxing jog in the early morning sunshine. Everywhere was quiet and it provided a nice contrast to the rest of the route - so I wouldn't make too big an issue of using the road. I was glad to be able to knock off a few easy miles by that stage.
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    Thank you all, very much appreciated.

    As suspected, the sensible route involves the A591 or the St John's in the Vale road, and the Dodds ridge would be a fairly hefty addition.

    Will see what happens. I do have other priorities... an attempt at the Leventon Line in may, then Tenerife Bluetrail in June.... if they both go well, and recovery goes well, I should be fairly fit to have a bash at something like this (possibly even a rogue BG attempt) in July or August. The BG has never appealed to me in the way it seems to for other Fellrunners, but I'll probably end up having a pop at it one day. But as a keen walker long before I started running, the Wainwrights round is possibly more appealing than a BG.

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