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Thread: Turbo trainer sessions

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    Re: Turbo trainer sessions

    40 minutes on the Turbo yesterday morning for me.

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    Re: Turbo trainer sessions

    Quote Originally Posted by shaunaneto View Post
    session, but suffering in the garage has it's own ways of trashing your motivation and resultant fitness

    however, I have found the happiest medium: really good group spinning sessions at a place called pedal studio in putney, led by cyclists and targetting HR zones.

    Not, I realise, convenient for most people, but I see there is a similar place in Leeds that has Wattbikes, which looks even better.

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    In another attempt to get fit I have started back o Turbo trainer sessions.

    Trained Sun, Tu & Thu this week.
    See how long I can keep this up.
    Once I get a base fitness I hope to either ride more or complete planned sessions.

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