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Thread: Three Peaks Cyclocross

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    I'm sure some of you may remember the name Hannah Saville, She is the 17 year old DPer who became the youngest female BG finisher earlier this year, not bad for some one who only plays at running. she did it with very little training, the reason she was so strong was her main sport is cycling...

    enter the 3 peaks cycloX

    Hannah finished in 4hours 20minutes 46seconds was the 6th female to finish and first U23 and smashed the U23 record!!

    given she has another 5 attempts at this record I suspect this will be lowered yet further.

    well Done Hannah

    this is her Blog...

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    A friend of mine (Phil Hinchcliffe, Holmfirth CC) took 58th, I think it was his 28th (or 29th) ride!

    Another rider I know Darrell Bradbury (Norton Wheelers) was riding his 32nd!! (his brother Robin, his 22nd event)

    However, the highlight for me, was to see Tim Gould so high up again (6 previous consecutive wins; 84 - 89)
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    So i'm getting into this cyclo cross business

    Question is what shoes - cleats or not and if cleats what shoes that also run in

    At moment i use my roclites!

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    Definitely cleats as there is loads of road and mtb shoes with decent grip, Simon Fell is proper steep.
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    Yep - definitely cleats. If you want to do 3PCX you'll be bouncing off the pedals every 2 seconds without cleats. And the other benefits of being clipped in make it a huge allround gain over non-cleated shoes. And toe clips don't bear thinking about...

    I always use MTB shoes with a reasonable grip. There's debate about whether you want a really stiff sole as this would help with the road sections but hinder the running elements. My soles are quite stuff, but not carbon so do give a bit of flex. If it's a wet year I use a couple of studs in the front to help with Simons Fell, if it's drier then I don't bother as they're a bit sketchy on the slabbed sections.

    If you want specifics on shoes there are any number of choices, but personally i've had Shimano, Specialised & now North Wave MTB shoes which have all been excellent, and all well under 100. I also had a top of the range pair of Bontrager and they were utter sh*te in terms of build quality.

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    Just wondering if any forumites are having a tilt at this Sunday's production ...... Brett, Fishbulb ??
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    Unfortunately not Ian Knackered this year! Crossbike remains in the garage...

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheezing donkey View Post
    Just wondering if any forumites are having a tilt at this Sunday's production ...... Brett, Fishbulb ??
    I did it again, 2nd best time for me but my positions seem to be getting worse! There was at least one other wharfe-valley based forumite there, and from the world of fell running there were the usual strong performances from messrs Jebb, Bardsley, Davies, Watdog, Mason plus of course loads of others. Allan Greenwood seemed in great spirits as he finished :-)

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    Yep, a debut for me.. couldn't match ChevinByTorchlight on the hike a bike and downhills though. Toughest race I think I have done, probably because all my training was road riding! I was a box to be ticked and never to be re-visited for me!
    Dan Wilkinson - Ilkley Harriers

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