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Thread: Long Run; On Your Own/With Friends

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneHillWonder View Post
    Quite like running on my own but running with someone else stops me being able to stop and walk
    I am the same, shorter runs I am ok on my own but over longer runs (especially road runs) I get bored and need someone else there to stop me walking.
    I'm not talking to myself for an hour either!

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    I prefer to run on my own, because you are more likely to go at your own pace, and as training runs tend to end in a sprint to the line it is prob for the best.

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    I do both - tend to push myself harder on my own, but also enjoy the business of going out over the Downs with a couple of mates.

    Just noticed no suitable 'both' option in the poll.

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    I like running on my own. Gives you time to think and enjoy your surroundings.

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    Apart from the occasional club session I do the rest of my training runs on my own. I don't mind this but it makes it difficult to do the more intense faster stuff that you have to inflict on yourself from time to time. The situation has improved recently with working from home for part of the week, so that I can meet up with a few clubmates at lunchtime if I want to.

    I also find it hard enough fitting the runs in to my own daily life without trying to co-ordinate them with somebody else's equally busy life.

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    I prefer long runs by myself as I tend to get frustrated when people run to slow when I'm running with them. If I do a warm up I get frustrated with how slow I have to run

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    Much prefer my own company. Use my long runs to reorder my head! A scary task, best left alone.
    Also love the silence, self reliance and no one else to worry about for a couple of hours.

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    If you are lucky enough to find someone who can run at the same pace as you then a long run with company is good. However, nothing worse than having to alter your pace for someone else, whether that be up or down. That why team events like the Calderdale Way and Leeds Country Way etc are difficult. I enjoy the solitude of long runs, but like to have a laugh too. I've tried running on my own and laughing but that just attracts stares from passers by and frightens horses !!!
    If you cant change something, change the way you feel about it !

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    Re: Long Run; On Your Own/With

    Used to run with my dog Charlie.

    The Mother-in-Law has finally got her way though and managed to convince Mrs Baz that it is no good for him now as he is 12 in doggy years.

    Very sad he still wags his tail furiously when he knows im going out.

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    Re: Long Run; On Your Own/With

    I dont think i have evr done a long run on my own
    The race does not always go to the swift, but to the ones who keep running

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