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Thread: Buddah type book

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    Buddah type book

    I'm after a book for someone I know to help them deal with some emotional stuff they are going through and some difficult times in their life.

    I know in the past I have found some of the buddah philosophies useful - from memory things like mindfulness and something about letting yourself feel the emotion instead of fighting it and then letting that emotion go - can't remember what that one is called.

    Anyway, can anyone recommend a readable book about such philosophies?

    Don't want anything to heavy or too deeply buddah but some of the basic philosophies as a bit of a self help if that makes sense.


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    Re: Buddah type book

    Buddhism Plain and Simple by Steve Hagen
    Buddhism Without Beliefs by Stephen Batchelor
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    Re: Buddah type book

    Quote Originally Posted by Grouse View Post
    Buddhism Plain and Simple by Steve Hagen
    Buddhism Without Beliefs by Stephen Batchelor
    Both under sick squid here
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    Re: Buddah type book

    Last year I read Matthieu Ricard's 'Happiness' - it combines Buddhist philosopy with modern psychology and provides some practical exercises. Easy reading - see Amazon for reviews.

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    Re: Buddah type book

    I was going to suggest Buddhism without beliefs too, as well as some of the Dalai Lama's books or Tich Nhat Hahn's. There is a good one called Zen Bhuddism for beginners or something like that as well, but have forgotten the author's name...
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    Re: Buddah type book

    way of the peaceful warrior is the same knod of thing

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