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Perhaps they have now recce'd their route / entry point / target ......... has anyone failed to turn up for work??

Perhaps Derek in payroll is being held at home while the company's millions are being cybered away to a Cayman Island account. Best carryout a quick roll call - or just phone for Jack Bauer's assistance. :w00t:
It's so hard to know what type of film I should use to inform me of the almost certain impending peril. Is this a "me versus the sinister state" type of situation, or is it a "I'm part of the state versus an organised gang" type of situation. Alternatively, it could be an "it's all so secret, no-one knows what's going on" type of thing. I hope it's not something weird like a David Cronenberg film. I'll let you know if any badly made typewriter-insects walk into the room, or if anyone starts having sex with their computer screen.

All these years of watching action films. You'd think I'd know what to do by now.

One thing's for certain, I should definitely be wearing sunglasses, even inside. And forward rolls are the preferred means of getting around the place.