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Thread: Welsh 3000's

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    Good decision Travs and well done for making it

    That 16.5 miles / 9000 feet is in the bag for next time
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    Quote Originally Posted by Travs View Post
    Well today ultimately ended in failure, with an abandonment at Ogwen.

    Took a steady hour up from PyP to Crib Goch summit, then pressed the stopwatch. Crib Goch was intimidating rather than outright dangerous in those conditions (dry, with a freezing wind), and I descended some gullies to avoid the pinnacles. Made a bit of a hash getting up onto Crib Y Drysgl and again ended up having to up-climb back onto the ridge on some rocks that I was somewhat uncomfortable being on.

    Still, onto Snowdon and nailed the descent off Clogwyn Station down to Nant Peris. Reached the Vanyol Arms in 1hr33.

    Was on Elidr Fawr 2hrs30. All going well and on the familiar Peris route. However on the upper part of the Glyder climb I began to feel incredibly sluggish... Perhaps just a bad patch, perhaps not enough fuel, perhaps the cold (wind chill was -6)..... Having read enough about hypothermia I wasn't taking any chances, stopped to down all my food and water, and put on an extra top. This perked me up a little but didn't bring much life back into the legs.

    Heading down into Bristly Gully I realised my 5hrs at Ogwen schedule was slipping, but perhaps I could pull it back over the Carneddau. But by the time I was on Tryfan I realised I was some 35mins down on schedule. With most of the technical stuff all done I was tempted to continue, but any further mishaps on the Carneddau and I'd be slipping into the possibility of getting off Foel Fras in the dark, in fellrunning gear, in very cold temperatures, and I made the sorry decision to call it quits at Ogwen.

    Was still a lovely day out. 16.5 miles 9000ft. Whilst I hide behind the "safety first" decision to abandon, in truth I sadly haven't done any brutal long fell races this year and it was noticeable. I feel with a season of Peris's, Ennerdale and Buttermere's being me, I'd have bowled through it a lot more comfortably.
    Probably a sensible decision to abandon, given the relatively short daylight hours at this time of year. I am always similarly cautious when out in the mountains by myself, and have been known to retreat or find an easier route when the weather has turned.

    I have to say, I was surprised to read about your training run on the moors west of Llyn Brenig on the day before this attempt. If it had been me, it would have been my jaws and digestive system getting most of the exercise the day before a long run like this.

    You're not alone in making a hash of Crib y Ddysgl. When I walked that route a few years ago, I found myself contouring towards the PyG track at one stage, and had to go back to get onto the ridge again.
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    Yesterday was possibly a slight error, although i have often done similar before a race, and it was certainly at no great pace.

    I did exactly the same on Drysgl... I'll check it out, but I believe the easier line switches to the North side for the Drysgl ascent.

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