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Thread: Lost on Blencathra

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    Lost on Blencathra

    On Sunday morning one of my party lost a red and white short sleeved gilet.
    We had just ran from the trig point to the big puddle in the centre of the saddle dip and were less than a minute over the 'other side' towards Mungrisedale common when it fell from his pocket.

    Anyone finding please get in touch as it is of great sentimental value apparently.
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    Re: Lost on Blencathra

    sorry I can't help with the gilet, but I got lost on Blencathra once in the mist. My mates didn't think I was of great sentimental value though, they just thought I was an idiot! That's friends for you.

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    Re: Lost on Blencathra

    I found this this morning - at least I presume its the same one (Andersons racing?). It was on the BG/Race line not too far from the tarns. Someone else might have found it first and kindly left it under a rock. Are you handy for Penrith or will you be at any races soon to hand it over? (I'll be at Borrowdale, Ben Nevis, probably the OSMT then 3 Shires).

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