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Thread: Back Pain!!

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    Back Pain!!

    Not sure if this is due to training or due to a lack of training.
    I seem to be suffering from sharp twinging pain either side of my lower back. Usually it's one or the other, but rarely both at the same time. It goes away after a week of resting, but while it's there running is Out and screaming agony is In.

    Obviously, it's cramping my style. I just have no idea if it's due to injury or a lack of exercise on the whole. Tried stretching, which seems to only result in more twinges.

    Anyone had experience of this? Pic below nicely illustrates where the pain is.

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    Re: Back Pain!!

    First, see a really good physio, preferably one with an interest in Pilates, as your posture may be causing your back pain. Then, when your back is NOT hurting, I strongly recommend back strengthening exercises eg back extensions (probably on the floor rather than on the contraption at the gym), planks. I have found upper back exercises such as lat pulldowns, static rows, pullups also helpful even though my back problems are all in the lower back. When my back pain wouldn't let me run, I used to find walking possible and even soothing. I suspect your current DIY efforts may have triggered your pain. I find that even though I rarely suffer from back pain these days, this is at the price of NOT persisting in making certain movements, particularly forward bending.

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    Re: Back Pain!!

    A few weeks ago I asked for advice on the forum, some really good stuff to help was posted. The thing that seems to be working for me are the strengthening exercises and keeping mobile. I have also has some leave from work which has meant I haven't had to sit around all day which I think has helped as well. Heat is soothing as well.

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