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Thread: Lakes, waters & meres...!!!

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    Lakes, waters & meres...!!!

    Try this for size....
    Apologies if it appears elswhere..
    A good friend has just put me on to this

    Very Very Well done Barry (& Pals), what a great way to celebrate a Big Birthday!!!
    Hope to hear the full tale and more when we meet up next...

    Here is a snippet, taken from the Guardian piece, written by Tony Greenbank, for more follow the link above...

    "Descending past the Valhalla of Goats Water below Dow Crag, pacer Joss Naylor then leads them across a "secret" trod to meet up with the Walna Scar Road and a rendezvous with their cycles. Now it is pedalling on via Devoke Water, Wastwater (a third swim), Ennerdale Water, Loweswater, Crummock Water and finally as Johnson leads his companions into the village Buttermere. On the lake shore cradled by the fells he dips a toe in the lake less than 23 hours after he began, and cannot believe his tour de force is finally over"....
    Miss Muddy Paws Dad....
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    Re: Lakes, waters & meres...!!

    Excellent effort, I like the idea. Good thing it wasnt this weekend though, my wife was going to do the Great North swim in Windermere but it's been postponed because of blue green algae filling Windermere.
    "You have brains in your head, your feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose". Dr Seuss.

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    Re: Lakes, waters & meres...!!

    Excellent effort; and to think that 27 years ago a mere 47 year old stripling called Joss Naylor did it all on foot in 19 - 20 hours!!

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