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Thread: Advice re: classification pls

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    Advice re: classification pls

    Just done Helvellyn Triathlon which included a run from Glenriding to the top via swirral edge along Whiteside bank and back down again. @9 miles in all. What classification would this run be if it had been under FRA control?

    Run Route:

    The run took me 01.50.00, any good considering I'd swum a mile in Ullswater and then cycled up Kirkstone pass? Enjoyed the run so much I'm now hoping to tackle the 3 peaks race next year. Doing Whernside soon, then 3 tops next month.

    To date my only off road racing experience has been the Trunce series.

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    Re: Advice re: classification

    I presume it would be AM.

    'A' because it has at least 250' climb per mile distance & not more than 20% on roads.
    'M' because it is more than 6 miles but less than 12.

    Isn't it time we went metric?


    'A' because it has at least 76m climb per 1.6km distance
    'M' because it is more than 9.6km but less than 19.3

    There, much easier.

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    Re: Advice re: classification

    Quote Originally Posted by GeoffB View Post
    Isn't it time we went metric?
    What's 20% in metric?

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    Re: Advice re: classification

    I thought FM was metric for AM, but then I've not done any radio work for years.

    Anyroad, A would be 47m climb per kilometer distance.

    And another thing, metric aften turns things round (it's A French thing) so it would be MA (or possibly MF). I think I prefer the old way.

    And the Germans like very long words which they shorten to something trendy:

    eg Mittelstreckelaufmitziemlichsteilehuegeln becomes mitzehuegelauf
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