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Thread: Tonight's headtorcher

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    Loving it in the Pilates Studio
    It's hard work being tighter than a crab's arse.

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    I've got an Led Lenser which has one of those newfangled batteries. I also bought a replacement battery direct from them, which is my spare. Sort of gives you the massively long life, plus the versatility of carrying spare batteries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr brightside View Post
    It's hard work being tighter than a crab's arse.
    Only just thrown away my Petzl Zoom with its flat 9v battery, may as well have used a candle.
    Cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run

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    A solo head torch blast up Ingleborough last night from home - 5 and a bit miles up and 5 and a bit miles back the same way - with the Horton to Ingleborough track just about as muddy and slick as I've ever seen it. Great fun (with a touch of borderline lethal in places) trying to push it both ways. In the end I was a good 20 minutes slower than my fastest on this route, finishing in 2 hrs 4 minutes, but a brilliant outing all the same
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