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Thread: Full Tour of Pendle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stefan B View Post
    Great race yesterday Andy. Still can't believe you got me by only 9 seconds! Thanks for the tip offs for getting the tags out. Much appreciated.

    Many thanks to the RO, marshals and helpers. Brilliant day out. 3 years of cracking weather now. Keep it up!
    Nor can I pal must thank the cramp monster otherwise you'd been well ahead ! You've had a storming year Stefan

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    First boggy bit I jumped on Mearley Moor after the climb up Ashendean Clough my left calf cramped and after that it was a case of just getting round. I still had a very enjoyable run though. That shared pain and encouragement on the final two climbs is always a highlight for me

    Great Tech T shirt - what a bargain!

    Cheers CLeM and all your team supporting the runners right round the route
    Valar morghulis

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodzy View Post
    Thanks to Clayton le moors & RO marshals n helpers on a well organised race. glad it were frozen up there yesterday! just wondering how the old race times compare to the new race route? anyone know?
    Results dating back to 1983 here:-

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    That's a great archive of the results, didn't realise I'd actually done the race in some of the years I have.

    Think the fastest vets times might need updating since 2007

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    Quote Originally Posted by luxinterior View Post
    Nuun tablets are great - I suck them and they really work for me to stop cramp
    I swear by nuun for long days out, but in drinks not raw.
    They fizz up in your mouth big time - I find unpleasant, But really good in water bottles. Even then you have to careful, if you use bottles with snap lids rather than screw they can explode with the pressure. Happened to me twice on the four passes, went off like rifle shots andmade everyone around me jump, so gone back to sparkling water screw lid bottles designed to handle nuun pressure.

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    1 set of pictures up from Tour of Pendle on set 2 going up now set 3 tomorrow

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    not far from the Bowland Fells
    Full Tour pics going up now from 3 locations
    All are FREE to download as a high res. copy

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    Wayne McIntosh - Clayton-le-Moors Harriers

    Fellrunning Blog

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    It's a pity we still haven't found a solution to the discarded gel wrapper problem.

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    There's a very obvious solution - don't discard gel wrappers on the hill. Gives us all a bad name.
    Friends in high places.

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