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Thread: Three Peaks Fell Race

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conno11 View Post
    Hi all,

    Apologies if this has been asked before. Any recommendations for what shoes to wear for saturday? I have some mudclaws and x-talons 212s. Not much cusioning for the roads sections but i feel that grip would be essential... Thanks.
    Talons probably better out of the two but it depends on the race day weather (and personal preference, to be honest)

    Calvin Ferguson - Calder Valley FR

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    Brilliant sets of photos, Seymour Hills. Thank you for posting, even though I wasn't running it (I was on the Fellsman).

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    Entries for 2019 are open and going well. If you'd like to enter here is the link
    If you've already entered the Pre Selection List, please check your emails for acceptance confirmation and log back in to complete your entry and pay.
    This year there is a prize draw, tickets are £1 and you could win a week at Alps Haven catered chalet in the French Alps with Gary & Debbie Devine

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    Now entries are open, does it mean I can ask what shoes I should be using now? Planning to go up for a recce in March but would be good to have an indication - fell shoes, trail shoes, road shoes, wellington boots??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derby Tup View Post

    Donít buy Hunters. They get cracks really easily.

    Then your feet get wet.

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    Any guesstimates on the added time the Whernside normal path adds to the race route?

    percentage-wise... not at Andy Peace pace!

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    Quote Originally Posted by spanglepants View Post
    Any guesstimates on the added time the Whernside normal path adds to the race route?

    percentage-wise... not at Andy Peace pace!
    If by 'normal path' you mean the 3P contoured walkers path, distance wise it adds about 2 miles by adding a huge extended loop but it is all runnable. I'd guess though that it must add at least 10 plus minutes, maybe 15 depending how fast a runner you are. For a race like recce though it's much better to go up the old walkers path route up the wall line; its a line to the left of the actual race ascent but absolutely mirrors the climb and is perhaps just a couple of hundred yards at the most to the left of the race route. And unlike the race route there's no problems going up that way pre-race. I'd post a picture of it on an OS leisure map it this forum would let me. PM me on facebook or instagram (search Brian Stallwood) and I'll send it to you

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