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Thread: Red Kite Challenge - Pictures

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    Red Kite Challenge - Pictures

    Pictures from this year's race are here:-

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    Re: Red Kite Challenge - Pictu

    Thanks Al, great photos. The results from saturday's and sunday's races are available on the Red Kite web-site

    Thank you to all the marshalls and everyone who turned up and ran, please come again next year with all your running mates.

    It was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend but utterly knackering, I fear there may be some shuffle sessions on the horizon.

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    Re: Red Kite Challenge - Pictu

    Excellent photos, couldn't make either race, so it was good to see the photos.

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    This years race incorporated the Welsh 10K and H/M Trail Championships. It was my first attempt and went I for the H/M. Nothing in the pre race info mentioned the ascent which, at 2,200 feet, caught a few "trail runners" out but suited me as I was able to pass some far better runners than I on the steeper climbs.

    Both races set off together and I found it a bit difficult getting the pace right as I was not sure who of the 184 starters I was racing against. After the first half mile of tarmac the rest of the race was all off road on farm tracks, footpaths and forestry roads. Most of the forest has been felled over recent years so the views were magnificent.
    At the top of first steep ascent, around 3 miles in, the 10k'ers turned right and the 114 H/M'ers went left in perfect running conditions of hazy sunshine and a refreshingly cool breeze. I continued to pick up places throughout until the final climb, which we were told "to save something for". The runners ahead were just out of reach on the final climb and even though I managed, apart from a couple of 30yard sections, to keep running
    and closing them down the fast run in to the finish kept me at bay.

    A total of 13.70 miles, 2,200 feet in 1:59:17. 38th overall and 2nd MV60. A tough but enjoyable race, over a well marked and marshalled course including 4 water stations.

    As it was a Welsh Athletics Championship there were a few issues regarding runners affiliation which caused some confusion and dispute at the presentation, which was a shame as otherwise it was a very well organised event.
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    That sounds like a good event. Well done on second MV60.

    I find it weird but sometimes strangely fun when different distances set off at the same time, so don't know who you're actually racing against.

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